6 juin 2017

  • Création de ressources numériques sur mesure
  • Notre LMS (Learning Management System) EDICOURS
  • Notre Outil Auteur de production de contenus normés EDIGRAINS.COM

MOBILETIC.COM is the result of a decade of experience in e-learning and a progressive vision of education combined with the latest technologies.

The humans who make MOBILETIC.COM are pedagogues, developers, visionaries, tutors-trainers, social networking facilitators as well as web designers. We offer a new approach of hybrid trainings.

Our vision for tomorrow is to enable everyone to capitalize on their learning path, however heterogeneous it may be, and to adapt training to the changes in our lifestyles. We specialize in the installation of technical-pedagogical devices for young people and adults in continuing training.

Our goal is to deploy the best tools to transmit ET knowledge to enable autonomous learning, or accompanied by tutors.

Ultimately, we want to open this dyad to the peers, to match the expectations of the web 3.0.